Someone speaks to a group, usually students, about any topic related to mental illness or mental health. They are meant to be informative, mildly (very) entertaining, and extremely applicable and educational for all.


They’re informative like our presentations, but more hands-on and interactive. They involve group discussions, activities, exercises, etc. You won’t just be sitting there listening, you’ll be DOING. Sounds fun, right?


Think of our workshops and presentations, combine them together and then have them every week for a certain number of weeks. That’s what our programs are like. They’re for individuals who want to learn a lot about a certain topic and be in a group setting with other like-minded and awesome individuals. 


We've created researched, well-designed, easy to follow resources about various mental health related topics. We have resources on the the most common mental illnesses, how to get help, supporting someone, mental health, and taking care of yourself. You'll love them!

Events + Pop-ups

They’re all different so you’ll just have to stay tuned to see what's going on. But we promise they're all great. To see what’s going on next in terms of events, click that pretty pink button below. Get excited. And hopefully we'll see you soon!


You know, those things where we ask for money so we can do AWESOME things, like improve mental health resources and support for youth. We make our fundraising efforts fun and exciting, always ensuring that YOU benefit from it too. It’s win-win. Stay tuned about our fundraisers and initiatives by checking here or our Instagram @yourmindmattersorg


Sometimes, we launch projects that tie into the theme of mental health, but focus on different goals or outcomes. For example, our first project 'Minds of Toronto' is a storytelling campaign where individuals with lived experience of mental illness share their experiences in an attempt to empower them, inspire others, and reduce stigma.


You know what it is. You see it everyday. We're on most of the popular social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) and post tons of content related to mental health. We post photos, videos, audio, and every kind of media you can think of. If you're missing us on any of the social networks, let us know and we'll join!

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