5/5: the documentary

It's finally here!!! 5/5, the documentary by YMM.

Creating and editing this documentary has been such an experience. It's been hard work and took literal sweat and tears (no blood). I've put so much time into them and I truly wouldn't change a thing because I think it's all totally worth it. I'm so happy with how it turned out. It’s simple and I'm not a professional at all. There was a $0 budget, I used very simple equipment and taught myself how to use video editing softwares from YouTube. I share that not because I want you to lower your standards for these videos, but so you appreciate that you don't need everything to make something. You can use what you have and make that be enough. With that said, I hope you enjoy them. I hope they speak to you. I hope you watch them and smile or laugh or cry or whatever. I hope you share them with the people you love and care about. And I hope you learn something.  I hope you feel inspired to live out some of these concepts. It's one thing to say it and to post about mental health one day of the year, it's a whole other to live by it the other 364 days. Be one of those people because it'll make a world of a difference. 

To everyone who took part in these videos, thank you.

Vanessa, Sofia, Adrian, Stefania, Nick, Adriana, Nicole, Callista, Nabiha, Laura, Ricky, Omar and Saya, thank you all.

As I edited these videos and watched you speak over and over again, I never failed to be absolutely amazed by your courage and vulnerability. Each and every one of you has such beautiful and important things to say. I am so happy to give your voices a new platform and to share your strength and your stories. This project wouldn't be what it is without you all. I am truly so impressed and inspired by you. I truly got lucky coming across all 13 of you beautiful souls. Every time I'd sit back and watch what I had created, I'd find myself nearly in tears (and sometimes, actually shed a few) because I am so touched and moved by your openness and truth. To everyone watching, I hope you all appreciate the vulnerability and transparency of these remarkable individuals. I hope when you listen to their stories, you feel seen, heard and touched. I hope you realize you're not alone. I hope you feel connected in some way and that you feel hope. And to the 13 of you: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Meeting you all and getting to talk with you and work with you has been an absolute pleasure and my life is better because of it. Thank you endlessly, I am so grateful you exist and have shared your time, energy and passion with me and Your Mind Matters. 

The title I've gone with for the full "documentary" (I put it in quotes because it seems like such a big word that I haven't yet given myself credit for having created) is: 5/5.

It's a title I've had in mind for a while. Because mental illness affects us all. We all have mental health. We're all affected by mental illness either directly or indirectly. This year, 1/5 will experience a mental illness. But in our lifetimes, 1/2 of us will. Those are big numbers that further drive the message that we all are affected by this and therefore all should care.

I hope you enjoy watching 5/5 and hearing about 14 different individuals experiences of mental illness and their thoughts on mental health, the stigma, the system and how they talk about it and practice vulnerability. This was made for YOU. You are the 5/5 and I hope you take care of your mental health, educate yourself, help reduce the stigma in your day to day life, talk about it and support others. Remember, Your Mind Matters because YOU MATTER. Take good care.

Thanks for all your support, always.

- Vanessa Bancheri, director (lol)

PS. someone let me know how to submit this to film festivals and/or nominate me for an Oscar, thank you


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